The inverse-paranoia machine – and its importance for network-trust

This is wonderful:     Inverse paranoia.  That is, seeing everything that might happen to one as being a positive: an opportunity, in fact - not in the sense of being able to trample over others but rather to enrich both oneself and one's surroundings.  To have that feeling that one might just as madly… Continue reading The inverse-paranoia machine – and its importance for network-trust


Towering city AND people

Liverpool stands and falls and picks itself up and fights and tussles and bashes and batters and never gives in and never gives up, and never stops giving. And so Liverpool never abandons and never randomly hurts and never unhandsomely refuses to share and never chooses not to care. And so this rarity is the… Continue reading Towering city AND people

“The Bold”

A true-life psychodrama by Mil Williams and his family of choice. Family exists, and without doubt we all need it. But family means many things to many people, and, more rightly than not, I believe - these days - it means those individuals we choose to be with because their being with us is good… Continue reading “The Bold”


You NEVER! leave a friend behind. You NEVER! leave a friend embarrassed. You NEVER! leave a friend harassed by Bad and Worse. You NEVER! see a friend's discomfort and laugh. You NEVER! stuff the staff of their life. You NEVER! aim to let them die on the Feat of their woeful Foot. You NEVER! let… Continue reading You NEVER!

St Valentine’s Day cards I made this week … #love #life #love #you

Today I move out to start my new life in Liverpool. Behind me I begin to leave behind a lifetime, and everything this means. I realise in hindsight that the following three shorts - made precisely this week - describe the start of this process, and wherever it may lead. In different ways, each can… Continue reading St Valentine’s Day cards I made this week … #love #life #love #you

Was THAT abuse?

Our PE teacher, The head of department, A good friend of family, Used to look down our shorts To check we had taken off our underpants Before gym. Was THAT abuse? A man I knew, A respected member of society, A pillar of the community, Used to wander around the house Cock-naked And nude as… Continue reading Was THAT abuse?

It’s so hard

It's so hard The bard must've said - I am sure I read - When life holds no promise Of emotion: Just a cold thought, Untaught and resigned, And re-signed, like bad contract Of awful unthoughtful relationship. Passed like those boats rowed, And arguably rowed, In the night of light hates And mad cruelties. And… Continue reading It’s so hard

Of Woe Be [never] Gone

In truth, my dims are sins of my own. And roaming coverage And broken reception And technologies multiple Simply multiply The universe's disdain For my pain. No kindly gal For the mal hombre I am. As if spam were my relation To the world: Unbidden, unwanted, Entirely lacking in potency. An irritation and uglification Of… Continue reading Of Woe Be [never] Gone

Tell me, where CAN they be found?

The other day A woman sexted me. She sent me beautiful photos And they were beautiful in their sex. But texts of sex and Sexted text Only serve to hurt, When after six She chooses instead to taunt This manhood I clearly no longer Possess. Lately, and before, And recently, and forever, The only time… Continue reading Tell me, where CAN they be found?