The inverse-paranoia machine – and its importance for network-trust

This is wonderful:     Inverse paranoia.  That is, seeing everything that might happen to one as being a positive: an opportunity, in fact - not in the sense of being able to trample over others but rather to enrich both oneself and one's surroundings.  To have that feeling that one might just as madly… Continue reading The inverse-paranoia machine – and its importance for network-trust


S[oft] / N[ever] #ConnectTheDots #RightNow

When we discuss things like compassion, we say how better society would be if there more of them.  Kindness, the abilities to listen, coax, understand and empathise ... the facility of negotiation, of just being and holding. All are usually termed soft skills, as if they were somehow inferior in their delivery. Not like their… Continue reading S[oft] / N[ever] #ConnectTheDots #RightNow

Grief is NOT a 21st century thing

I posted the following Facebook late last night, as the pressures of aloneness and changing city weighed rather heavily down on me.  The frame I gave my thoughts, and repost, on Twitter this morning is at the bottom of the tweet here, so the screenshot referenced "below" should now read "above". And so this then… Continue reading Grief is NOT a 21st century thing

On #laziness, #nudge – and #fakenews, too!

This tweet came my way the other day, and it is a class example of how reframing a situation makes its essence far less murky.     In truth, it's a question that needs asking before it can be answered.  I tried to do a gentle job of answering some of the questions I feel… Continue reading On #laziness, #nudge – and #fakenews, too!

The a-legal: where the real crimes of the century – and of the powerful – are being committed #criminaljustice #zemiology #neoliberalism #democracy

The following Guardian story popped up in my inbox just now.  I tweeted it thus:     The previous night, meanwhile, I had glanced on my Google News feed at this fairly disgraceful story.  Again, I tweeted it this morning:     Details of the #Motogotchi story I reference in this second tweet can be… Continue reading The a-legal: where the real crimes of the century – and of the powerful – are being committed #criminaljustice #zemiology #neoliberalism #democracy

#BigData: the commercialisation of everything #Snowden condemned? #thoughtexperiment #surveillance #NSA #GCHQ #businessmodel 

Here's an idea which has been gnawing away at me for a couple of years. Since my Master's dissertation on surveillance this year, and my growing familiarity with the concepts of both Big Data and Open Data (I am currently unclear if the latter's supporters deliberately do not capitalise the term!), as well as commercial work… Continue reading #BigData: the commercialisation of everything #Snowden condemned? #thoughtexperiment #surveillance #NSA #GCHQ #businessmodel 

Village gossips / Global village gossips #citizens #states #democracy #surveillance #cybercrime 

Imagine the situation: a small village, somewhere in England.  The England of one's home is one's castle; of innocent until proven guilty; of privacy; of libertarianist disavowals of all things theoretical and curveballed.  No post-modern flakiness here. Facts are facts. Subjectivity and objectivity exist as polar opposites. Now imagine that very same village, secretly, via… Continue reading Village gossips / Global village gossips #citizens #states #democracy #surveillance #cybercrime 

The explosive #cybercrime/#realworld mix

I just reported an HMRC scam to the Cheshire Constabulary.  A recorded message to your landline threatens you with chasing up tax-return fraud and demands you press 1.  The person targeted did press 1 and received a wholly abusive, distressing and utterly frightening experience, from a person who demanded payments with menaces for a period… Continue reading The explosive #cybercrime/#realworld mix

Future time[line]s / Choosing [my tribe]

Well folks: just so yous know, I am in Liverpool from the 14th to the 17th of December, and from the 23rd till the third week of January 2018, inclusive.  I will be doing the LFC matches on the 26th and 30th of December - I am really looking forward to a Christmas with the… Continue reading Future time[line]s / Choosing [my tribe]

The nasty [who dress up as] nice

And now - on my #Motogotchi playlist (the one originally created in collaboration with the now sadly stolen beast), "All You Need Is Love" is playing. In its absence, kindness where it can be found will do. 🙂 You know, I spent about twenty minutes this afternoon, speaking with the nicest Northern Irish woman in… Continue reading The nasty [who dress up as] nice

What democracy needs [and really ain’t got]: separating public spaces of debate from very private ownerships 

Information and its circulation are key to understanding, creating and sustaining healthy democracy. We have always regulated the different systems and channels used to ensure transparency - as much as this has been practicable, anyway.  From percentage ownership of media companies to minutes onscreen shared out during election times, we use quantitative methods of attempting… Continue reading What democracy needs [and really ain’t got]: separating public spaces of debate from very private ownerships