T/rust in IT

And, ultimately,

I have to trust/not rust:

Oxygen gives life but

Also degenerates,

As the creative woe

Knows us so well.

And so – ultimately! – it is you

And me

And we

And tree:

My partner in crime


My partner to bed no longer


My partner in work

Unavailable for app –

And so


Pointment becomes

A game of a pain,

Sadly treasured.

Please redo my bricks:

Allow me to fit blocks


To gather around me

The sound family I desire.

A life away

From a life quite lost

At such terrible cost.

This is the tale I tell:

The tail that hangs low and unbidden.

And this is why I am hidden.

And this is why no one

Seeks me


Any more.

A clout of the universe,

And a battering of RAM.


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