“The Bold”

A true-life psychodrama by Mil Williams and his family of choice.

Family exists, and without doubt we all need it. But family means many things to many people, and, more rightly than not, I believe – these days – it means those individuals we choose to be with because their being with us is good and healthy for our own selves as human beings, lovers, artists, creators, workers, friends – and, on lucky occasions, blood relatives too.

So family must never be an institution of obligation but joy; never of ties but liberties; never of silence but voice; never of recrimination but love – where love, it has to be underlined, is couched in humanity and enjoyment above all.

This three-minute film tells indirectly the backstory to the above realisations I have come to. And I know now that they are good. And I know now that I am good, also.

Thank you for being there; for accepting my weaknesses; and for allowing me to flower as all men, specifically this gender, so untrained as it often is in the arts and wiles of honesty, should properly be allowed to – for truth in emotion one day always will have its due recompense.


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