Indie flicking, pointedly – or a Fitzgerald-like bust-up at the party?! :-)

Indie Flicks at FACT Liverpool last night had a three-act structure: seven shorts for the people to vote on; an interview just after the intermission; and then a final Director’s Choice, where voting with ballot was not the point – it was a question of experiencing and appreciating the grand art on display.

Which is what I did with the whole evening.  My favourite films were the first two on show – in the end I voted for one called “Backstory”, but wondered after voting whether I shouldn’t have voted for a deliberately edgy, astonishingly disconcerting second film.  I shall definitely return to the event next month: it’s great to get an overview of such nicely, cleverly, carefully contrasted – as well as intelligently, deliberately curated – film shorts.

Although, as Fitzgerald says, no good party comes without a bust-up.

A rude, or careless, or deliberately provocative young man came up to me at the end. We had a short and apparently amiable conversation on our corresponding contact with film.  I began to describe my recent activities in the sector, and the fact I was looking to set up an augmented reality business in and for the region.  In and for both Liverpool and Dublin, in fact, though the second city I simply didn’t have the opportunity to detail.

I attempted to show him a brief example of what I had done that night, during the event.  He could’ve been polite, and shown an upper-middle-aged white man mansplaining his curious activities the kindness that such occasions politically demand.

He showed no interest whatsoever, and quickly beat his retreat.

The film I tried to show him is the film you see below.

Shot and edited in situ, it continues my experiments in the abstract versus our recording and remembering of reality.  I think it has value.  He clearly didn’t.

I shall set up my company to help those who deserve such help.  This self-proclaimed film-maker who has not made a film in two years will not be one of them.

My intention to disrupt will not be a la Uber, or other examples of frighteningly disconnected technology.  It shall be firmly rooted in Liverpool’s future, community and people.

But not in the future of people like this young man.

And not in the future of those who fail to understand the need for community outreach, and all that this implies: something which FACT Liverpool shines at – but which Indie Flicks, or at least the representative under discussion, needs to work a little harder at.

Just because you’re old and appear to be boring the pants off me doesn’t mean you’re old and boring.  It just means that perceptions are getting in the way of a fruitful conversation.  And if you don’t have time to have a conversation with someone, don’t approach them at the tail-end of an event you have more important things to attend to.

Is all …



In the meantime, another short film I shot and edited yesterday afternoon at the Fab4Cafe on Liverpool’s waterfront, and which connects me to one of my wonderful music heroes, John Lennon. Hope you like this one too.



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