“Life maths”

Numbers underlie us all.

Numbers undertruth our fall.

Numbers tie us down so broad

Like sado-masochistic trawl.

Numbers fill our pockets deep.

Numbers line our streets so cheap.

Numbers make the hills so weepy:

For never tell nor kiss will steep.

And when those numbers sell our soles

And when those numbers shall

Furrow our tills, and be

And go and do and see,

Remember once the clean we were.

For numbers underlie us all.

But when we all

And when we fall

Is when most human cries our tall.

So see these numbers.

And be those stats.

And understand where shit is at.

But never forget this truth I say:

Always remind.

Always return.

Always relearn that me and you

Are much much more than numbers, cold.

Me and you are tree!


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