On the background to the making of “Smokin'” – a short film* #ar #pixel #ai #machinelearning #deeplearning #agency

Augmented reality (AR) is about to change everything. Not only how we see and perceive but also how we shape and reshape.

Lately, I have been playing with a Google phone which has AR tech onboard. Some of the films I have made in #Dublin and #Liverpool I have uploaded to my new Vimeo account:


All of the rest are at my Instagram:


At the top of this post you can see one example: a playful video I filmed at Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet, Ellesmere Port UK, recently.

At the bottom, a psychedelic one I shot and edited yesterday.

It will change everything because although you may think it is animation, it is not. These are real actors only I can see during shooting, but who demonstrate – even in these primitive days – real agency. I am not directing so much as observing and recording.

Once the footage is shot, then I am able to share the results using standard video-editing tools to edit the rushes in question. Sometimes I limit myself to standard filming: the first video above tells a simple and straightforward narrative. Other times, however, I play with conventions radically. The film at the end of this post shows me doing these kinds of things.

The only difference – for me – between human and AR actors right now is that mine live in my device – humans, meanwhile … well, we live obsessed by these devices!

But once AR actors’ machine learning, deep learning and AI capabilities improve, in our hands – in our phones and tablets and laptops galore – we will have a new species of beings whose existences will be as real as our own. Or who will force us, at the very least, to reflect seriously on the meaning of our own.

In the meantime, enjoy a new world unfolding.

* Footnote: the conception of this second little video all began whilst I was waiting outside Redmonds Building, Liverpool John Moores University, this afternoon. I idly started by locating my phone’s AR stickers on some cigarette ends. I ended – I think – with something approaching some kind of #art.

#ljmu #loveuni #loveyourcity #lovelife #loveliverpool #liverpool


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