Tenda’ / N / Ess

I used to know

And so you know I did

And I bade always well –

Would bid you farewell,

So kind –

And in my mind saw it true

And it was you I always touched,

And never rough

‘Cos rough ain’t my way

And now never shall be;

Never the say or do of cruel

Will I deliver.

For like boy of early morning

Cycles, and rounds,

So soundly performed,

A good boy was he even if

Ignored by feminity

‘Cos his kindness

And gentleness

Marked him out as nowt.

But that wish to be kindly,

After all,

And remain tender to your memory

Holds me by my lonely hands

As if a band of commitments

Were still as poss

As any old


For I love you still –

And always will.


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