Dating carbons

Cold women of hurt:

And maybe the hurt was another man.

But that man was not me,

And those who would army

A gender to battle real wrongs

Are not seeing how violent

All women I know are violently

Abusing the beautiful soul I am.

And so I attempted,

Foolish like,

To escape the straitjacket

Of thirty years

Which my life-partner

Has placed around my sex,

By dating carbon copies –

And other CCs –

On sites – and sights –

Of dubious quality.

And even then, even when,

I open my sole

Self to the soul

Of heavens I wish

Did exist,

These evil women

Descend en masse

And pass the buck,

The fucking suck,

To levels of pain and real abuse:

Women, you use me

And sexually destroy me.

My experience of womanhood,

Worse than gangster neighbourhood.


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