The Wednesday Seminar at #UCD School of Law, #Dublin

I was at the Sutherland Building, the School of Law, UCD Dublin, recently.

Not long ago. Just this midday in fact.

Tarun Khaitan gave a fabulous exposition of constitutional politics, drafting, and negotiations, with particular reference to Indian history and culture – but with powerful application to other times and places.

I was reminded of my encounter with UN law last year: the wisdom in the end of the framers and drafters of constitutions which endure lies in their curious ability to capture in legalese the ambiguity and need to creatively misunderstand matters of serious import – only to then, in the future perhaps, and by exactly the same token, develop new appreciations in the light of such spaces which allow for and promote this dissonance of common interests.

The headline stat, if I didn’t mishear, was that quantitative data indicates the average lifespan of constitutions across the world to be only nineteen years.

One concludes that whilst important words should be set in stone, perhaps sandstone is better than granite for constitutional purposes.

If only I lived more time in Dublin. Today’s seminar has been a total pleasure. I hope for much more of this in the near future. For it’s the grandest thing to play with ideas – as this afternoon so many wonderful people have shown they can.


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