Rejection / Choice / Liberation

I lived my first fifty-five

In fear of rejection:

Never saying out proud

What sex made me feel loud.

Under the shroud of real abuse,

A casual abuse,

A family abuse no family would call abuse,

I barely survived the silence of cold.

But in chat here and there,

In communications surprisingly cool,

I realise – now! – that my feelings of rejection

Were always your rights to a real choice, ever so fulsome.

And so the royalty of a parallel liberation

For us both

Makes me king, at long last, of my emotions.

A man who is finally becoming a man:

A man who now knows

How to ask for the sex

That his soul rightly prays for

And his heart would break thrice.

The hugs and embraces of a woman of similar:

The fearless,

The respectful,

The kindly manhood.

Never a should nor a must:

Just a sharing of possible pairing

Without ever fearing rightful answer of no.


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