Core rot / love core / even when you walk[ed.] away

Core rot

Or not

Wherever you took me.

Laid in

Like violent,

Like; you know what I mean.

Unbending and cruel:

I’ve become a tool for your money

To honey my dick

And make me sick of all life.

And so core rot 

Is the love wot you offer

And proffer

And iffer 

And fit me up in.

And you make me so guilty

Of sins and dins unending:

And even so, I real cannot know

Why so much fun 

And imagination

You spend redefining

My happy into rank[ed.] sad.

So if future 

Culture and

So if future 

Nature and 

So if future 


I could choose to woo

And vulture,

Then I would, even now,

Replace rot with real love.

For I love you all told, 

Even when – from me –

You walk[ed.] away.


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