Looking forwards / Backwards looking

When injustice is committed,

In particular when committed on us,

We have two right duties

To self, above all:

Two right duties, I’d say.

One fairly depends on personal good:

The should of recovery;

The would of happy be.

But the second is quite a different tale:

The second is why this all of us 

Should all these battles – ugly! – fight.

The second, in fact, is made of two:

  1. The truth that severe must be revealed, so injustice against individual doesn’t – cruel! – repeat.
  2. The truth that obvious must be pursued, for that committed against specific individual never does stop, just because.

Two conditions quite clear, then, on the reverse of circumstance:

To change fact and throw in the trowel –

Of all this deathly dig.

I wonder if ever it shall be possible to:

  1. admit the truth and repair damage done;
  2. assure in convincing manner that done shall never be done, thus again.

A pact of ungentlemen?

The only kind these days.

A pact of unladies?

The only lies we – now – convey.


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