Secks / Em-Brace 

Secks is wot draives us to du styoopid thingz.

Sex is also what drives us to wonder:

To amaze and be fine;

To sing out as in thine;

To resound like grand bells – but not ends.

If sex is so beautiful, why cannot it be right?

Why cannot it exist in my whirled?

Why cannot I just wake to a hug and a hold?

To an 


Brace which

Supports my old soul?

Why must this thing wondrous be the preserve of the few?

Why cannot I find a you who lives entirely for true?

Why is it so hard for me to see my way through

To a life and a thrive that counters survive

And, with this fabulous sex given freely in fun,

Serves wildly and safely

To make this sad me feel alive?


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