Teamed milk: the #music #industry #revolution 

Have you noticed something that – kinda – has just been creeping up on us?

Whilst Trump & Co attempt – have been coordinatingly attempting over decades – to monopolise post-capitalism for their own benefit, Sheeran & Co (and of course, many more before my beloved Ed so blessedly arrived) have recently been showing us an utterly different way.

Obviously, singing one’s famous song alongside another featured genius, in grand and almost bombastically announced duet, is a marketing tool of manifest content.

But something else, also, really interesting is happening here.  Rarely, if ever, when I was a kid did my musical heroes share any single with any other.

It was a competitive industry, was music.  That striving all the time to be Top of the Pops.  Ahead of the game.  First on the list.

What’s happened of late?


It seems to me that creative musicians are showing us – whether deliberately and coordinatingly or not – the enormous value of collaboration over competition; of cooperation over monopolistic exclusion.

By their example, evermore frequent, of sharing the limelight, we as listeners and music fans learn – without trying – the significance of sharing in much broader areas.

Through music, we are – if we truly want to – slowly beginning to re-engineer Trump & Co’s dreadful post-capitalism, as it stands, in our image: the image of creativity and humanity and compassion and kindness.

If we want to, of course.

If we choose.

If that is the direction we wish to take this all now.

And from the much spat-upon file-sharing of old, we acquire other, far more agreeable habits that remind us how this working together is the only real way forward for our species. 

For the planet will survive – even thrive – in some way or other.

The question is: will we?


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