Solitude of two

The solitude of 

[T]wo is being 

Rued, seeing

Left and draining

Quite wet: raining

Far, and straining

T[w]o the point where reaching 

And fro-




So gerundify

My life, please:

Please do 

As I beg you to soothe.

Make it a process and a state –

Not a nation,

Any more, of 


For {two} is a sad number

When the solitude 

It retains 

Is greater 

Than (one):

When the solitude

It retains

Is lost to the 


I no longer can

Linger over, nor – what the fuck! 

Even stipple

As per the round unbound-


Smooth pebble-raced 

Madly crazed 


Doth [ripple-


Pond of [sunshine-{flax,]ed so golden}.


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