New Year’s Ad / Am

And so I pursue the future,

Boldly untold:

Rich with a zest for love,

Unpeeling your gold.

Savour your sex

As welcoming as that text

You once went and sent me,

But then retired mad – so definitively.

And so sweet is your song,

Your singing,

Your zinging.

Your ringing my changes:

Finally bringing quite rich

The little I now have left.

Bereft of all embrace, outwith all disgrace,

I still see your face as if fresh, and bright now.

And when I do lie,

And when I do die,

And when I do pry the ill from the good,

The only space left over for me and my sort

Will be the hood of that neighbour

We both ought to have become.

And so life rubs itself up and down

My curious sad clowning:

Finally, I have said goodbye to all of my yearning.


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