Why I always have [#writing #politics #art #fearlessness #2002-#2018 … and beyond]

I have just finished reading a short essay by George Orwell, called “Why I Write”.

The following photos summarise my own position, finally reached today, on reading this essay.

It is a beautiful essay of political art: more beautiful because this – precisely this effect and fact of art – is the impact he intended to produce.

And so the photos below, excerpts from the essay which have most profoundly caught my eye, help explain why I always have – and why now I shall never stop again: however cruel and dangerous my world becomes, it will never yank from me the urge to tell it as it’s being – as it’s becoming! – to me and my ontology.

The writer’s job …

On taking sides …

Political writing as art …

Every book, mebbe life itself, as failure …

… and even so, never must we give in.


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