The plan for the next twelve months

I have never been one to hide my intentions, and I am not going to start today.

I hope the next twelve months pan out in the following way: 

  1. I shall prove I was deliberately and quite wrongly diagnosed in 2003 with paranoid schizophrenia by a security state which found it expedient to process me under mental health legislation rather than the far more public Criminal Justice process that should have been used.
  2. I shall set up a consulting startup which will probably, but not exclusively, focus on the psychology of cybersecurity and lived digital experience.  This startup shall employ four basic skillsets and will involve operating out of Liverpool & Chester into Ireland, primarily Dublin.  I shall spend three weeks of every month in the UK and the last week in Dublin.
  3. I shall continue my creative writing on this blogsite, and shall combine it with writings on security and other related matters.
  4. I shall refuse – in all circumstances – to be physically and mentally intimidated in the ways people have clearly attempted to intimidate me over the past two months, and possibly much longer.  My legacy, by now, will only ever be my writing, and my ability to communicate my ontology faithfully and honestly.  This I must remember, and sustain.
  5. Finally, I shall resist the temptation to confuse happiness with companionship.  This mistake I shall never make again.

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