Our 2018 stretched out in front of us #neoliberalism #patriarchy #fightback #creativity #thought #art #tech #people #compassion #love #justice #liberty #victory

I always wanted to be an artist, and never quite got there.  But I have enabled the beginnings of my three offsprings’ artistic careers in ways I never did get mentored as a kid, and so some lovely input into the glorious world of art I will one day be able to gently – though defo never insistently – claim. 

In the meantime, I accept my own destiny now lies in the psychology of digital: of deceit and security, of playfulness and original thought, of humanity and tech, of society and people and an enabling politicking, of fighting neoliberalism wherever it stamps, of promoting the further breakdown of the fearsome patriarchy whose yoke we have all been straining under, of the creativity all humans can touch, of the compassion we all deserve, of the love we all know how to express, of the mental distress which never was ill-health, of the wellbeing which never was partial nor fully shared.

My 2018 stretched out in front of me.

Our 2018 stretched out in front of us.

Join me, if you see anything in what I am saying worth getting close to.

And join the good in life, at the very least.  Of that, there is so much more than we are led to expect.  

Let’s finally learn to embrace it accurately.


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