From Croatia 2002 to Ireland 2017: fifteen years of classic intimidation?

Hey guys.  I really need your opinion on this one.

A few weeks ago I wrote up some disturbing experiences I had with Croatian speakers in Dublin.   My experiences here:

I even thought I was becoming racist:

But get this.  Today on Twitter I read the AP news story screenshotted in part below, on how Russian hackers have targeted and intimidated journalists in similar ways.  

The story came my way via this Paul Bradshaw tweet:

So a bit of background: at the same time, when still in Dublin, I continued to post and/or maintain online auto-ethnographic memories about 2002 in Croatia, where I was placed under intense surveillance by a number of networks, both private and nation-state. 

My question therefore has to be: were the Croatians doing to me in Dublin what the Russians have been doing to others worldwide?  The MO is exactly the same, for Chrissakes!   

And then I also do begin to wonder, too, whether it was Croatians behind my recently hacked #Motogotchi mobile …


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