An Xmas Post / An Xmas Stop / An Xmas Spot #ADestinyAccepted 

I have been gently sitting, tweeting and snapping as I have not done too often for a while.

When your future begins to stretch out pleasingly, sometimes leisure pleasingly attaches itself to your present.  Unbidden, requited all of a sudden … it’s a happy sequence of events.

And so I am happy.  In work, I can see now it was destined all along.  They once put me away for seeing too much; they can now only allow me my continuing liberty if I play ball on the side of the hacks.

And so I while away the days before this all starts quite seriously.

And I am finally content to find my utility.

No relationship of sentimental vocation; no sensibility of artistic bent.  But a real value-add for a better world.  And in my now requited, my now unbidden moments of leisure, still I can do these things …


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