And so – in a way – the #IoT is becoming the #IoMG

This article is spot-on.

Just imagine what coming out of prison after a 25-year stretch where the Internet never touched, for a moment, your world.  And suddenly you are supposed to know what a smartphone is, what a Gov Verify identity means, how you can protect – or not – your data, what web data even implies … and then there’s the terrifying idea that it’s as easy to watch you and track you – both police and the criminality you dearly wish to avoid – in the open world you are now thrust wildly on, or perhaps is thrust wildly on you, as in the closed environment of imprisonment you were limited to for so long.

For the Internet of Things is fast becoming the Internet of Mind Games.

And no prison – whether within or without walls – should serve the function of mental torture and retribution. We have not left behind Foucault’s medieval horror and torture of the body and the physical – only to reinsert, almost magically, almost surgically, the torture in the braincells of those we wish to control and condemn.

Let’s have parallel lives which allow for redemption, please.  Lifeskills and opportunities to recover and flip to the positive always.


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