Future time[line]s / Choosing [my tribe]

Well folks: just so yous know, I am in Liverpool from the 14th to the 17th of December, and from the 23rd till the third week of January 2018, inclusive. 

I will be doing the LFC matches on the 26th and 30th of December – I am really looking forward to a Christmas with the best of friends at the club. 

The firm business plan is that in 2018 I shall spend the first three weeks of every month in Liverpool & Chester, and the last week in Dublin.  I have pre-booked Dublin accommodation for the year, and so I hope this will help firm up and demonstrate my commitment to all three markets as I begin the startup process.

I have an interview with Liverpool John Moores University’s startup department on the 8th of January to explain my business proposal better and begin the search for proper funding, and backing.


I am clearly moving controlledly forwards to 2018 with a sense of anticipation – a sense of anticipation I have not really experienced ever, to be honest.  

I am much more resilient than I used to be, and fully intend to become more so as the months go by.  I know who my good friends in Liverpool and Dublin are, and I also sense my enemies in the places they are to be found much better than I cared to in the past.

was naive in my insistence on not taking sides, that is true.

I apologise for making this mistake.

I shall not confuse enemies and friends so easily again.

Equanimity in emotions I need to demonstrate more.

Equanimity in life and its challenges, far less.

And so sometimes in history, just sometimes, there is no alternative to tribes. 

And so today is one of those times.

And one of those histories.

A small one.

But mine, all the same; so significant at least to the person – and tribe! – I now choose to be.  Significant at least to me.


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