The nasty [who dress up as] nice

And now – on my #Motogotchi playlist (the one originally created in collaboration with the now sadly stolen beast), “All You Need Is Love” is playing.

In its absence, kindness where it can be found will do.


You know, I spent about twenty minutes this afternoon, speaking with the nicest Northern Irish woman in M&S in Blanchardstown Shopping Centre.  She was about my age, though looked a lot younger: her eyes danced and sang as she jumped from memory to memory – whilst music playing over the loudspeakers would remind her of childhood orchestra; and then she recalled a beloved handsome young man never embraced and only admired from afar from her youngest schooldays …

It was one of those moments, those random meetings, you treasure in their “few and far between-ness”; one of those moments that remind you how casually nice life may sometimes become.

But I have spent my last year studying the very dark side of life: a dark side which had already managed to truncate my own in so many ways since 2003, and maybe since a terrible way before.

And so now it is my job to gently welcome such encounters as today’s, however brief and never to be repeated; and then use my learning to write and speak about the real bad that is committed by the criminal networks I have to learn to have in my sights, and which have hurt so many people; which continue to hurt so many people; which in the future will inevitably proceed to hurt so many more: networks which, to be honest, I have always sensed around me, and which have unfortunately all too often been all to eager to play their mind games with us all.

The problem with the networks I describe is that even people who seem nice sometimes form a part of them.  Even people who know better … well … they refuse to do better.

The networks in question, sometimes, are not criminal because of their make-up nor literal composition: they are criminal because, sometimes, people who are in them for the rightest of reasons flip to such a bad … either it’s the choice their mates flip to … or maybe it’s just easier to flip that way than this … or perhaps yer leaders don’t give you the impression there’s anything bad in being bad – even, that bad is actually fine!

Greed = good, anyone?

Oh Lordy!  Who really knows why anyone flips bad?  Whatever their original intentions …

Be nice to meet only real nice people, wouldn’t it?  Instead of the nice ones who have really gone nasty.

But it will be my job – more often than not, I now see – to proactively proceed to stop, attempt at the very least to stop, nasty people in the future: in particular the nasty ones who give the impression of nice; the ones who work for good organisations and institutions, and who from within then strive to make them as rotten as can be.

Never taking ownership.

Never leaving audit trails.

Never caring about the damage they leave behind.


And so as I write these words, the song at the end of this post is playing.  So many women loved and never hugged in my life; so much love lost to the winds of indecision, and yet perhaps – far more importantly, far more properly, far more correctly – to the rights of these very same women, whom I loved so often from a distance, to enjoy their freedoms to be and live in liberty, without cack-handed interventions from dreadful patriarchy.

In any case, as I tweeted recently, I can survive without love but I can’t thrive without truth.

And that’s why this was the right MA for me to do.

And that’s why going after – in particular! – the nasty people who dress up as nice will be the right future career for me to pursue.



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