#TotalSurveillance [only very much on the cheap] #democracy #criminality #criminaljustice #phd

There is a science behind this working well in coffee-shops.  But I am continually astonished by how many really high-level biz types blithely open up their laptops in full view of an establishment’s CCTV.

  1. Who could be hacking into a live stream these days?
  2. How secure from internal access, analysis and onward sale is any company’s CCTV data?

After being followed yesterday in the very salubrious centre of Dublin (Grafton Street in front of Bewley’s, through to Dawson Street and St Stephen’s Green until the Starbucks, at which point a couple of Garda officers acted, I guess unconsciously, to dissuade further deliberately overt surveillance) by a giant of a stocky green-behatted gentleman (I slowed down, he slowed down; I stopped, he peered into a closed shop premises with nothing to look at; I crossed the road, he kept slightly ahead of me looking at the windows on his side … and so it went on!), the total surveillance operated by the state is the least of our problems.

Far more serious is the on-the-cheap device-easy watching carried out by both the loosely and severely criminal elements in our society: tolerated, perhaps, for its own purposes by the state, but which nevertheless are impacting seriously on democracy’s discourse, our citizen-sensed perception of free will, and so many other serious matters simply not being publicly discussed at the moment.

If I had to do a PhD, and it would so cool to do it on this subject, it would be precisely here, revealing the criminal networks and communications that piggyback – to democracy’s detriment – on the back of easily acquired telecommunications devices and gadgets.

The state spends billions on totally surveilling us all.

Criminals … well … just the cost of a nicked phone and a foreign SIM-card.  Terrible, ain’t it?

So.  Anyone care to fund the research?




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