Pain / Denial / Hate

This tweet came my way an hour or so ago:

My experience of hate, or revulsion and nausea at least, leads me to feel a certain nuance needs to be expressed.  Hatred which has no source in personal experience – is borrowed, if you like; is acquired secondhand (the kind of secondhand salesmanship which Fox News and others manifestly deliver) – is surely not quite the same process at least as hatred which emerges from dreadful individual experience.  Especially when that experience is expressly denied by the far-more-powerful over decades.

I am not saying one hatred is more acceptable than the other: not at all.  Hatred in all its aspects serves no productive purpose, and is not the business of Western liberal civilisation.  But the solution to the one lies in a counter-education, I would assume.  The solution to the other meanwhile, the second case I have already written about on these pages and linked to above, requires a far more complex process of therapeutic – and perhaps even judicial – actions which take clear ownership for their intent.

And in my particular case, the reconciliation I almost certainly do badly need cannot take place without truths being fully told at the level of nation-states.

And told about as publicly as they ever could get.

All the above, just a thought of course – and maybe terribly misinformed on my part.  But a thought I immediately had in response to reading the above tweet, and quote.

So something there, clearly continuing to eat away at me.


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