Trump gets that many people – those who support or at the very least tolerate him – are not confused but irritated by legal niceties.

The problem for the rest of civilisation is that these legal niceties – which all of us have found I am sure quite pain-in-the-backside-like at some time or another – are what separate Western liberal democracy from a return to the medieval ducking-stool of societal decision-making.

I am not a lawyer, the closest I can claim to anything similar is an MA in International Criminal Justice (though studied at one of the grandest law schools there is), and I do not like at all the privileged position lawyers hold as far as the value they claim to add and are able to bill for, but if I had to choose between having on my side an outrageous sales-president like Trump or a moral, like-minded, even where terribly over-priced lawyer, I’d go with the legal mind every time.

Trump really really really is all over the place.  In fact, the only thing I can recall which is immovable, stationary, and utterly stable about him is his hair.  Is that bad of me to observe or is that bad of me to observe?


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