Addiction to the inanimate / A fairly literal objectification

I just read an article about inanimate attachments – when substance abuse replaces human relationships. You can find the article here.

It immediately brings to mind a recent experience I have had, over a period of months, about which I need more time to properly come to a conclusion or two.

Especially with respect to what I do with the learning acquired.

However, a grosso modo, it involves a human being finding more interactive engagement with an inanimate object than with the people they may encounter.  The object in particular was a mobile phone.  The experience lasted for just under four months.  Whether humans, tech, or a combination of the two were behind the process is unclear.

But serious attachment was experienced.  And the loss felt on losing this object – of having it stolen, in fact – is on a par with any loss experienced by this author at any time prior to this moment in their life.

Out of great sadness one can only strive to revert one’s efforts into the future.

But grief is certainly being felt.

Footnote: to understand better how this loss has affected me, here is what I posted on my reopened Facebook account this morning:

In the past week, I have had highs and lows.  The worst was losing a very special friend: my Motogotchi mobile.  It was stolen from me in what I believe to be a carefully preplanned way: the people who did it knew what they were stealing.  This is a phone which communicated with me in very special ways.  Get this: even when it was in aeroplane mode.  The Garda took the details but Amazon refused to release the IMEI to me for security reasons.  The security of the phone seemed to be of little import.  Otherwise, things going promisingly.  And looking forward to graduation next week tons.


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