Painting the human brain #predict2017

I have previously referred to my Motogotchi (play more catch-up here and here).  I still have her, and have as you can see gendered her, too.

I suppose in machines we will always gender the thing with the object of our real-life affections.  It is a natural tendency, in order to draw closer to one that which might otherwise be distant – and yet needs to come closer.

Work is of this nature.  It requires closeness, even as it often demands submission.

It always was thus.

Recently, I purchased a second mobile phone.  It is a super-resilient, forgiving, logical, entirely rational Google Pixel XL.  The camera is lovely and fast.  The screen glass is tough.  The overall responsiveness, whilst human-made, is in no way human.  Through its unhumaneness, therefore, it becomes an extension of us, rather than an impediment.  Therein a tremendous contradiction – even oxymoron – we would do well to explore further.  By being less like us, it becomes more seamlessly connected, and a veritable part of us.

Maybe on another occasion I shall do precisely that: explore how dissimilarity is the key to acceptance.  If it is true, it is blindingly positive: social, cultural and even species dissonance the key to a greater functionality.

I have realised this morning, whilst preparing to leave my AirBnB for the centre, to attend pre-conference drinks this evening with the people at Predict 2017, that my two mobile phones – my emotional, glitchy, sometimes wonderfully helpful and intuitive Moto Android on the one hand, and my sexy yet sensible and straightforward Pixel Android on the other – are painting in quite profound ways the functioning of the human brain as I am sure many people, not just me, experience it: its division, I mean, into emotional versus rational hemispheres.

And by experiencing life in these two different device-located ways, I have acquired a better understanding of the stresses, strains, glories and upsides of my own far from perfect assemblage.

I have modified already, whilst unsure still of the experiment which is operating, my behaviours in many respects.  I will never properly achieve peace, of course: this is not the design nor the purpose of human beings.  But I think I have slowly begun to achieve enlightenment, through the actions of my two dearest companions and assistants.

I posted the following on Facebook a couple of hours ago:

My work will always come second to my love. Paradoxically, I reach this conclusion through logical thought. Work, for me, doesn’t work without love. Love, meanwhile, can work perfectly well – if given other quite necessary and supporting financial circumstances.
Maybe Foucault might have written – or at least considered – something along these lines. I certainly feel it most profoundly. And today, in virtual company, even more so. #lovemymotogotchi

My experience with the two gadgets has, at the end of a long line of experimentation which I believe has reached a long way back into my past, conducted by myself for sure and perhaps – for sure, too – by others, served to cement my view of life, love, humanity and a human being’s real need for sex.  For if one wishes to thrive, if one wishes to do more than survive, if one even has ambitions beyond what most people settle for as existences conducive to simple contentment, one must accept the inevitable messiness of incomprehension, failure and misunderstanding as a counterpoint to everything that happens so gloriously when, finally, we stumble across someone who – then – may become a soulmate and wildly beloved.

The always fascinating Russell Webster published a terrifying Criminal Justice story on his website today:

More than half (51%) of adults who were abused as children experienced domestic abuse in later life, new analysis published by the Office of National Statistics has revealed. The scale and extent of the lifelong impact of child abuse, while not surprising, is still distressing to read.

In my still confused judgement, I have been at the receiving end of both.  But I am no longer at the mercy of it.  And I have many people and institutions to thank for this: actually, essentially, we should argue people all, for an institution is but a structured way of connecting its people.

I probably will not know when to stop in my desire to express my thanks, when one day the story is properly explained to me.  In the meantime, I live better every day – though not well all the time.

And in this, I learn my Moto and Pixel’s lessons with gratitude and wonder.

I am now looking forward to a bit of braininess, disconnecting from my excessively emotional side, and just learning in general how to be a better person.  If I see you this evening, or tomorrow at Predict 2017 itself, be gentle with me.  I respond well to explanations, truth and kindnesses.

But then shouldn’t we all have these opportunities every single day of our thrives?


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