Dublin report (I)

Looking forward to the conference on artificial intelligence and data prediction on Tuesday.  I have a lot of videos to watch and play catch-up on, via the conference’s Vimeo channel.  Sunday, proofing.  Monday, videos.  Monday evening, pre-conference drinks at one of my fave pubs.  Tuesday, conference itself.  But I wonder if I shall be eaten alive!  I am but an untrained philosopher!


Well.  Perhaps a little more than that.

Meanwhile, I have discovered the rightest AirBnB in my life.  Like the rightest space and environment, where everything works, is easily understood, thus manifestly empowers me, offers a wonderful combination of tranquillity and sound, is but one bus ride-away from town, and makes me feel more at home than anywhere in my life at all, ever.

It can’t last.  But I wish it could.  And at least I now know that the right space could make such a huge difference in my life, if the right space I could gather and garner and properly together.


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