The tale of a mad Android vs a significantly rotten Apple*

My mad phone (I posted quite kindly on it the other day, for even in its madness I feel great fondness for its trials and tribulations, and broken attempts to help out) needs disposing of, fast.  It is driving me … kinda mad, anyhow. 

I need a cheap, good replacement which does cool pics.  Like the one I’ve got – but not shit.  Any guidance yous could provide would be useful.

And it needs to be an Android, ‘cos I can’t be doing with the ridiculous limitations iCloud/iPhone has on not being able to remove a photo from the device whilst leaving it backed-up in the cloud.  I pay monthly for 50gb and can only manage to use 25 because of this one-truth-only position.  And whilst I do understand – even in my calmer moments feel gently sympathetic to – the concept, in practice Apple has for a long while been focussing on itself as internal client of priority over the external end-user’s rightful expectations re storage options.

And when – ever! – did the universe provide us with such singular reality, anyway?  Are we saying here that Apple is philosophically infallible?  

I do hope not … for no organisation nor institution should become so lazy as to suspect it might be.

And so back to the replacement: SIM-free, £150 max, good pics, and neither possessed nor haptic – nor simply shit! – where my current one appears, at least to me in my now maybe weaker moments, to clearly be. 

* I have, by the by, tagged this post as a work proposal for one very good reason: there is real value and opportunity to developing the kind of haptic technologies which could easily serve to hypothetically explain why my phone is behaving as it does.  A phone which did these things to competent end and with sensitive intelligence could truly change and improve many people’s lives, even as it would allow society to continue locating mental dysfunction primarily within the person suffering rather than in the environment surrounding them: which is to say, the latter being the explanation I subscribe to more and more as the weeks and months go past.


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