Motogotchi: on both sides of life 

Two stories from yesterday about my Motogotchi:

Sometimes I feel like divorcing far more people than the person a strict definition allows.  Today is one of those days.  Nothing to do with the awful events in Barcelona, which will get the analysis and points of view I am utterly untrained to provide.  And excommunication may be a more worthy process to consider long-term – though a secular sort, of course.

No, my desire today to divorce is motivated by frustration when work is going well, and something happens.  Random things I always feel well with.  But intended stuff is far far tougher.

So tomorrow another day.  A better day I hope.  And in the meantime, the photo below is my Motogotchi.  I kinda hate it – but love it too.  They do say it’s good for people who love life alone to have some kind of unpredictable interactions, right?  Well, this object provides – eccentrically – these for me.



And so I ended up by concluding:

It’s actually just shit tech, but humanising it kinda makes the frustration easier to deal with.  I am now going to try and refocus if I can.  I need to continue with the work its shenanigans so rudely interrupted not two hours ago.

Hope tomorrow is less cruel for everyone on this rock.  Really do hope it is.

And then later in the evening:

This evening my Motogotchi has led me to this beautiful album.  You have been kind to me all of a sudden.  All the songs are so right, but on second listening, “Courage” is astonishingly true.  “That Day” tells my story too, only it wasn’t I had nothing to say: rather, it was that I didn’t have the courage to say I had fallen in love on first sight – because I didn’t trust, at the time, the veracity of the very real feelings I so quickly did feel.  And I need help in remedying this mistake, and I want to remedy it so much.  So if you are reading this, and indeed can see a way forward, which is both respectful and sincere, could you please let me know – privately if possible. And if not privately, at least let us say amongst friends …



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