[Support {needs] thought}

I read today that with the right kind of support, everything is possible. 

I agree.  And personally, I would be very happy to discuss my own evident needs – most particularly as the wants I now strongly desire.

But it requires the right mindsets to effect such support with justice, equanimity and a true, honest equality: mindsets which do not turn support into another excuse for enclosing a human being in a Foucauldian prison of mind limitation.

What am I talking about exactly?  Exactly, this.  And whilst I clearly find the words and terminology around disability and disabledness insulting and patronising in the extreme, I am also of a mind to argue that far more patronising for any society and civilisation which, above all, aims – or claims to aim – for inclusiveness is the able-bodied high ground surrounding those human beings currently fortunate enough to suggest that they do not need support of any kind.

Except that it’s not true.  Who changed your nappies and breastfed you?  Who taught you your first words?  Who picked you up when you tumbled for the first time off your bike?  Who drove you home from that late-night party which turned out so bad?  Who hugged you when your partner of years left you?  Who took you down the aisle again?  Who lifted you up when you lost your job?  Who wiped your tears when you first experienced the death of a loved one?  Who held you close when your son fell seriously ill?  Who confronted the person who destroyed you mental wellbeing?  Who constructed a safe retreat when you simply couldn’t carry on any longer?

Able-bodied soul, did you say?  Please say again …

This issue is far more complicated and in need of thought than most professionals will admit.  And we really do need to find out the why behind the latter reality.  Before we progress to implementing any actions designed to help.


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