Retraining the brain? It can be made to work both ways …

Someone who just followed me on Twitter tweets that we can retrain the brain, in relation to conditions such as bipolar, schizophrenia and depression:

I retweeted, and then replied by saying if so, it can easily be made to work contrary to any such original positive:

So I don’t know about bipolar and depression, but I do know what it’s like to be diagnosed (I would argue not however suffering from) schizophrenia.  In the same measure we can choose to train ourselves – through sheer auto-ethnographic observation and brainpower – out of such diagnoses (John Nash is just one notable, and truly admirable, historical example of this), so equally if one is of a mind (and here I am referring to all kinds of interested parties: security agencies; companies; organisations; individuals; centres of power exerted, in general) one can devise environments and concrete actions & events to train people’s brains into a particular diagnosis.

If it can go one way, of course it can be made to go the other.

In an auto-ethnographic sense, I do, of course, firmly believe this is what has been done to me.  It will now be my life’s work and aim to prove it – in as scholarly, evidenced and academic way as I can.

I hope you will be interested in the results, when finally published.


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