Net works / PTMI / Throwing the stone and hiding the hand*

This recent post – on something I have termed “People, Technology, Messages and Ideologies” (PTMI) – could be an interesting avenue for future research. I may, of course, be treading on coattails too; but if so, I hope fairly august ones!

[Mils' Life/Work Lab.]

Imagine, if you can, if you’re able, and if you dare, a society which kinda mimics the life of a baby in multilingual family.

The baby who learns two languages may struggle at first to speak: they have to separate out two systems of thought before one – their own – can form, coalesce and then manage to get a useful handle on the other two.

In my case, back in the 90s and beyond, and as a parent of bilingual environment, I generally spoke English, and my wife spoke castellano.  Our eldest son, a clever lad and beloving of languages anyway, took only a month longer than a peer of his age to start speaking.

This is an achievement, both individual and environmental.

So back to the society which kinda mimics these dynamics.  And a bit of an overview of a theory which is much more – to…

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