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Want to contact me?  The easiest way is to phone me on +44 (0)7906 310070.

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mil-williamsThis site is a CV of all the things I do … but also a wishlist, of the things I’d like to do.

Essentially, what Miljenko Williams might … do, be – or see.  With your collaboration.


For starters (this is quite the wrongest way to introduce oneself, I know), I recently retested my politics … you can see where I stand.

Quite surprisingly where I was a while ago – despite everything that’s happened since.

My political compass over five years

Not sure if on a CV I should say stuff like this.  But there again, you’d find out sooner or later.


What really engages me

So what do I like doing?  Lots of things: mainly related to thinking, and its consequences.  Am happy to contemplate and get involved in almost any kind of project, as long as it’s legal, progressive and teaches us something new.

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